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As part of my job in POOLCORP’s Marketing Department, I work with Retailers on Direct Mail advertising and I often need to double-check information from their websites and Facebook pages. I can assure you, I’ve seen all kinds of sites – the good, the bad, and the ugly! As a member of “Gen X”, or a “Millennial” as we prefer to be called, Social Media is a big part of my life, so I thought it would be helpful to share my observations with you.

Here are my top 10 tips for a successful Facebook page:

1. Store Contact Information:  Always include your store location, phone number, and a link to your website.  A map is a nice addition and can easily be created through Google maps or a similar service.

2. Company Information:  Provide a brief description of your store with the products and services you offer.  Include your hours of operation and any holidays when you are closed.

3. Cover Photo and Profile Picture:  Since your Facebook cover photo is a large, wide image, a picture of the front of your store is the perfect choice. Your profile picture should be your company logo.

4. Photo Albums: (all may not apply to your business):

  • “Our Store”: pictures of the store front and inside of your store.
  • “Our Staff”: Feature pictures of each employee along with a brief bio describing their background, experience, and years of service.
  • “New Products”: Pictures of any new stock you want to promote with information about the product, etc.
  • “Best Sellers” and/or “Featured Items”:  Pictures of your most popular products or other products you’d like to feature.
  • “Spas”, “Grills”, and/or “Above Ground Pools”: Post pictures of the models you sell.
  • “Inground Pools”: If you are also a builder, feature a photo gallery of your pools.
  • “Remodels”: Post before and after photos of pools you have remodeled.
  • “Service/Maintenance”: Post pictures of your employees performing various services or before and after photos.

5. “Like” other Facebook pages: Find and “like” other pool-related Facebook pages such as major vendors, and, along with industry organizations and pool news channels.

6. Rally your Fans: Gather Facebook fans by emailing your customers a link to “like” your Facebook page, post flyers in the store that read “Like us on Facebook” or “Find us on Facebook,” and ask your customers when they check out if they have been to your Facebook page. Once they become a Fan, send a personal message or follow up by offering a one-time-only “Thank You” coupon exclusively for Fans.

7. Share Information WeeklyKeep your store top-of-mind for your customer “Fan Base”. Post links to new products or information about a new service you are offering.  Post articles from or other industry-related Facebook pages.

8. Offer Coupons and Discounts: Keep your customers coming back to your Facebook page by offering exclusive coupons and discounts each week.  Here are some examples:

  • “Today Only, 40% off our Entire Toy Selection (not including lounges and floats).”
  • “Stop by today for 20% off any single item just for being our Facebook Fan! Mention this code [FB20FAN] when you check out.”
  • “Be among the first 20 people who tell us you saw this status update on Facebook when you check out and get a free [pool product of your choice].”

9. Notes: Always make sure the information on your website matches the information on your Facebook page. Include notes about pool care basics, the benefits of a spa or backyard grill.  Include any information you feel might help a consumer make a purchase, or upgrade and properly maintain their pool.

10. Facebook Events: Create Facebook “Events” to invite fans to attend a big weekend sale, a new product demonstration, or a Customer Appreciation event. It’s always a good idea to entice them with the promise of a contest, prizes, and special discounts.

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Throne Thoughts

While I sat in our newly remodeled work restroom, I could hear a coworker from my office come in to use the restroom.  All I could think was how awkward it was to be using the restroom at the exact same time as someone from my office. I don’t want to hear their business, and I don’t want them to hear mine. Then there are people who want to have full conversations, while I just want some privacy. My throne thoughts led me to ask the manager of the building from the real estate office about the restroom remodel.

The real estate manager was an old classmate from grad school, so I felt comfortable asking her anything that came to mind. One day, when I ran into the manager in the parking lot, we started talking about the restroom remodel. I told her how wonderful the restroom remodel had come together, but I had also wished that speakers could have been installed to play elevator music. She smiled at me and probably thought it was not that serious of a request.

Even with a request to the manager, our building has not gotten any speakers installed in the restrooms. In the end, we can all benefit from a buffer such as elevator music to help people maintain some sense of privacy in a public environment.

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Today’s special is . . .

Super random dinner.

So I will take you back about 2 days to Saturday around 2pm. I was starving from not yet eaten all day. I was dead set on fajitas from a local mexican restaurant. As my friend and I drove into the parking lot, I spotted this new-ish BBQ restaurant. I thought we should stop in and get a menu for another time. I kind of felt bad walking out while I was glancing at the menu because there was no one else int he restaurant.

As I walked out I made some comment like, “This place smells so good. I mean do you make anything mexican inspired. I just was dead set on fajitas.” The guy at the register was like, “We can make some shrimp tacos, or something.” I politely told the man I would come back and went to the Mexican restaurant. Once I started eating the food there which was really good, I was still wishing I had chosen to go to the BBQ place.

So here we are two days later. Dinner time and I wanted some where new. I had said I would go back to the BBQ place so that’s where my friend and I ventured, Blue Hickory Blues and Barbecue. So we get up to the register, and there is this bubbly, ADHD (disclosed by him) cashier. I couldn’t decide between two sandwiches, The Texan or The Carolina? So I originally ordered The Carolina with white cheddar grits . . . oh but wait, there is a special.

“We have brisket tacos, you get three for $8.95 and a side,” said the cashier. I quickly changed my mind and ordered the tacos.

As I was telling my friend “How odd is it that I said I would come back and when I was here before I said I wanted something mexican. I have returned and they have exactly what I wanted.”

As the guy in the back shouted, “I remember, I had the conversation with you.”

How odd the day I return to eat there, that’s the special. Seriously I feel like I partially inspired that special and completely satisfied with the service. I would totally recommend this place alone for listening to their customers closely! Not to mention, just plain good cookin’

Looks yummy huh? The white cheddar grits totally hit the spot too!


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Guest Writers and Graphic Artist

Be on a look out on my page for guest writers and graphic artist. I have some amazing people that I work with who will never likely make a blog or keep up with one. So I am hoping to start to get some of their work on here (with their permission of course). Just to show you some of the stuff my company works on and how we truly strive to help grow the industry as a whole. Also I want this blog to be very versatile, but still geared towards business marketing. Keep a look out!

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Life: Work in Progress

So I have never been much of a writer, but I tend to like to talk about anything and everything. I am very expressive when I am excited and happy about something, but I do not like conflict or confrontation. It’s the fact that I might actually be hurting someone’s feelings that I can’t get over to express how I truly feel.

I am learning the best form of true expression for myself has been through writing things out. It allows me to get all my pent up emotions and thoughts all in one place. As sad as it sounds, once I am down writing it all out I feel a million times better. Especially after reading what I have written, that truly puts my own thoughts in perspective. So if I couldn’t organize thoughts in my mind because I was so unstable from keeping them all to myself, reading them painted a better picture of what I was truly feeling.


A good bit of the time I read what I wrote and ask myself questions. “Why do you feel this way? What exactly happened to make you feel this way?” the questions everyone else always asks you that you don’t want to answer, but I have learned answering them for yourself is far easier than answering them when other’s ask. You feel less insecure and have more conviction when you answer them for yourself. Those answers help confirm or dismiss the feelings or thoughts you were experiencing.

Like as I type vaguely about ignoring conflict, I can feel my internal battle of wanting answers to the questions I have had for the past two years of my life. You know that saying, “It’s crazy what a difference a year makes.” Well I am living proof of that saying. I am far from who I use to be in high school, much less in college even two years ago. There is just something about being thrusted into the real world that brings out peoples truest colors and fears.


Let’s just say I have a problem with planning the future in my mind. When the future is in your face and isn’t what you had envisioned, what do you do? Oh yeah! If you go with the flow or never have expectations, you will never be let down. Neither are right for me. It’s about finding that balance between being a planner and being easy going.

How does an OCD planner who thinks she is easy going (but actually just open minded) find that balance? At 25, I believed in my mind I would have been married to my college boyfriend and working at a job similar to what I have now. So I have half of that equation figured out. You see it’s that balance of planning when you can have control the outcome, but learning to let go when you can’t have control. Basically, learning to let go when the ball is in someone else’s court. Pretty much I need to learn that I don’t always need to be in control.

Well as let’s just say learning to find that balance is easier said then done. Believe me, I have been trying to learn that for the last two years. So for now, my life status is still a work in progress.

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McDonalds Fish Marketing

While waiting at McDonalds for my chicken nuggets, I spotted their clever placement of their fish products campaign!


How neat, right? What a good location since most people look up to view the menu, but out of the way enough to see the menu. The placement is perfect and the idea is pretty clever! Hanging the boxes of their fish products in netting above the register! High five MCD!

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“Give us your worse, we’ll give it our all.”


So as a marketer, I tend to remember a lot about commercials and advertisements. I DVR pretty often so when I am watching live tv I truly notice commercials. One of the major laundry detergent brands, All®, has been producing some really eye catching commercials (here’s one). Above everything, their tag line is what captures my attention.

“Give us your worse, we’ll give it our all.”

Such a simple, yet brilliant tag line. Not only was the company able to capture their brand name in the tag line, but what the name truly stands for. “We’ll give it our all” stands for striving to provide you with the best in all aspects of their product. “Give us your worse” implies that this product is versatile. Their entire tag line completely tells the consumer exactly what they should expect from this product. BRILLIANT.

All’s tag line is short, easy to remember, and tells you what you need to know. It’s everything we want to hear as consumers and everything we hope to accomplish as marketers. How many products, brands, or companies are able to have that kind of success in one sentence? It is a difficult task, but an intelligent one at that.

It is companies like this that I look to for inspiration on branding. There are many others I will get to in the future, but I think All is a great launching point. Gives my viewers the opportunity to see what captures my attention (even though a lot of things do) and how I interpret those things. All in all (no pun intended) it’s a learning process. Life is a learning process because there is something new you can learn everyday.

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