Print Materials

Disclaimer: All of my work is designed in MS Word, MS Publisher, MS PowerPoint, and Paint. I have very minimal design experience and working on actually learning the Adobe Creative Suite. I mostly come up with the idea of what I want and my graphic artists at work make my ideas come to life.  In the cases where my MS Office design ideas are chosen, the graphic artist redesigns it for printing purposes. In those cases, I will show you my original idea piece from MS word and the graphic artists redesign.

I work for a wholesale distributor of pool supplies. So most of my work will be about swimming pools, spas, backyards, etc. Pretty much all marketing efforts for the dealers in the pool industry. I work on everything from retail POP to product labels to sell sheets, etc. It is my job to come up with the idea, copy, and general organization of the marketing piece. Below is work I have actually designed myself and were used by the person who requested the job.

My most recent efforts have gone to packaging the backyard as a whole. Trying to sell the entire backyard experience:

Backyard Living

I put together some brochures for a regional Dealer Conference and Vendor Showcase:

Northeast Vendor Showcase

Some sales flyers I did for some of the locations and regions who needed something fast and flashy:


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